We are committed to helping everyone build lasting relationships with their dogs, regardless. Find a variety of DIY dog training videos, to get started on your own.


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Off leash Fun With Rascal and Friends

STRUCTURED WALK: Incorporating “Sit” on a structured walk is an important piece in establishing your role as a leader to your dog

STRUCTURED WALK: Incorporating “Down” and “Stay” on a structured walk to adds more value and challenges to your walks. Your dog is forced to concentrate and focus with distractions

DOG TRAINING: Introducing Piper to the prong training collar for the first time. Using positive reinforcement paired with structure sets the foundation and helps dogs make proper choices

DOG TRAINING: “Piper” and her owner learn the “prong collar dance” to set the foundation for proper recall and off leash work

DOG TRAINING: Piper learns “Place” with E-Collar to help with her self control and to reinforce “calm on command”


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