Place Command: The Most POWERFUL Dog Training Command

Hey Pack! Let’s talk Place Command. If you asked me my favorite training command, Place is where it’s at. I’ll keep it short, sweet, and to the point. PROMISE!

In this video, Piper is learning Place Command on remote collar. We chose this collar because of fear based issues that were making it difficult for her to function calm and confidently. Notice her body language, though. She is calm, following her owner’s commands, giving eye contact, ears forward, body relaxed. Piper is working on duration here, meaning length of time spent in Place. Immediately after this video was shot, we started adding in distractions.

What is it?

Simply, Place Command teaches your dog to go to their respective “spot” and stay there until you say they can leave. It’s a bit more than just getting your dog to enjoy that amazing Posturpedic you bought for them. As with all of my training, there are rules and structure involved. I know, I know, I’m such a downer! I promise though, it WORKS.

Here are the rules of Place Command:
Dog must stay until allowed to leave by you
Dog may sit or lay down
Dog may chew or play with toys
No Barking
No Whining
No Funny Business!

How do I start teaching it?

Leash your dog (I’m not even going to get picky about what collar you use, just PLEASE: NO HARNESSES!) Get some really high value treats. (These suckers are AMAZING) With dog on leash, approach the area you’d like your dog to relax in. When you get right in front of the spot, say “Place!” lead the dog onto the spot with light leash pressure and your yummy liver treat. When your dog steps onto the spot treat immediately!!! DO NOT WAIT! LET YOUR DOG KNOW THEY DID GOOD! (Can you sense my excitement?! Your dog just learned something new, and SO DID YOU!) Right after giving the treat and a good head scratch say “break!”. Break is the word you want to use to release your dog. Now obviously, you aren’t forcing your dog to stay there for a long period of time. That’s ok, you and your dog need to walk before you can run. If they break the command before you say, quietly and confidently guide your dog back to their spot. Eventually, your expectations will grow, and your dog will stay in Place Command for longer and longer, with more and more distractions.

Why is it SO important?

If you have trained with me, you know my #1 rule of dog training is: Leadership and Structure. Let that sink in, make it your new mantra. Place Command is the most efficient and easiest way to add structure and leadership into your relationship, your dog CRAVES both. Your dog has no choice but to watch and follow your lead while learning Place Command. Soon enough, with enough repetitions, you will notice the shift in your relationship. You become the leader, and your dog becomes the follower. It’s that moment when your dog accepts their role as follower that the magic really begins to happen, so to speak. All of the sudden, your dog stops fighting you, they are giving you calm eye contact, aren’t over reacting to every silly noise or movement. They relax. Now correct me if I am wrong, but that’s why you are still reading, right? Because you need help getting your dog to relax? Place Command is your ticket. Keep in mind, it’s not the full circle, but it’s a start.


Keep in mind, every dog works at different speeds. Some dogs may be more fearful or anxious, so they will learn more slowly, or need training aids to help over come more difficult issues. If you are struggling with your relationship with your dog, sign up for my email list and you will get “9 Steps To a Calmer Dog”. It’s an awesome checklist you can run down to make sure you are being an AWESOME leader to your dog.


Happy Training Pack!



Balance Basics: Kid’s Edition

 Balance Basics: Kid’s Edition

When: April 25th and 26th, 2-3pm

Where: Salem Methodist Church

Cost: $20

10 Spaces available

Please contact Amy to reserve a spot


phone: 603-608-2386


RSVP on Facebook

This April Vacation I will be rolling out a dog training class for kids. Let me share a bit more about Balance Basics: Kid’s Edition with you.

Balance Basics: Kids’s Edition is a 2 day introduction to dog training for kids ages 8-12.The goal of this class is to give young kids the tools to observe and make sound decisions based on dog behavior and body language, help kids get in touch with their innate leadership skills, and 2 awesome days with peers and other dogs.

What are the Objectives of Balanced Basics: Kid’s Edition?

Kids will learn how dogs communicate with each other

Why dogs need to socialize with other dogs, people, and public settings

What safe socialization and how to foster it

What appropriate communication is between dog and owner

How to politely meet and greet dogs, how to approach dogs, and when to give dogs space

Learning the concepts of safe play with dogs and when to quit

Introduction to basic dog training commands

  • The first day of class will be centered around teaching kids about dog behavior
  • The Second class kid’s are permitted to bring a dog, and will be learning basic leash skills and an introduction to “Place command”
  • All dogs attending the second class must be up to date on all vaccines and be pre approved by the instructor.
  • If a dog appears, nervous, fearful, reactive, or hard for the child to handle, the dog will not be permitted. This is to insure we can keep a safe environment for all kids and dogs attending. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding

If this course is popular I will be hosting a week long course over summer vacation

Facebook: Silly Hounds Dog Training and Pet Services

Happy Training




Goals: Are you struggling with the goals you set?

Watch today’s Periscope HERE

Get your goals sheet HERE

In order to be successful and feel a sense of accomplishment goals are an essential piece to that puzzle. Let’s break that down even further. What do you need to set and meet the goals you’ve set? MOTIVATION. Simple as that, if there is no motivation, you won’t meet your goals. They will just pile up in the corner and collect dust. If you have no motivation to reach a specific goal, why bother? EXACTLY. What IS motivation? The m-word. What does it mean exactly?


Say what? Take a good look at your goals list you made, is the desire to accomplish any of them missing? If so, you may want to cross that right off your list. Cross it off, RIGHT NOW. I’m not kidding. JUST DO IT. If you don’t have the desire to reach that specific goal, you will NEVER even work towards it. NEVER EVER EVER. So stop wasting your time.

If you’ve watched my periscope before you know my favorite thing to do is layer on things. So, let’s layer peeps! You’ve just learned what motivation is and how it affects reaching your goals. Now what? Well you’ve got to KEEP that motivation. You keep the motivation by breaking things down into achievable pieces. Break a larger goal down into smaller tasks that you know you can accomplish. If you aren’t having success, you lose all motivation. Simple as that. Now go download my goals worksheet, and put your thinking cap on. Next week I want to you create a goal around this: